Why Choices are Killing Your Performance

The Illusion of Choice: Why Choices are Killing Your Performance


 The Illusion of Choice

 April Theme: Decision-Making


If you want to be great at something, you have few choices. In fact, you may have no choice. Choices are just an illusion for those who want to be great at something.


We all love having choices. From the food we pick on a menu to the videos we watch on YouTube; we all love choices. But at some point, can giving ourselves too many choices actually work against us?


In the area of mindset, one thing a growth mindset or a positive mindset does not account for is the number of choices we give ourselves.  What if having too many choices actually prevents us from being great?


Who Can Benefit

Whether you are already an elite athlete, an aspiring future star, a coach or athletic director, or a person who is simply motivated to do better and be better: we all have a tool in our tool bag called, “choices”. Choices...

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