Anxiety: What Sports Psychology Can Teach Us in Times of Uncertainty

What Sports Psychology Can Teach Us in Times of Uncertainty

As many of you know, the coronavirus is on everyone's mind. Facebook and Instagram posts highlight the anxiety from the worldwide pandemic. People are on edge. People are thrown off their daily routines. Kids are out of school.  Jobs, money, and the stock market are all unstable. Lives are at risk.  All of it can be anxiety-producing.

While visiting friends down in the Santa Barbara area, an English professor friend of mine at a college in the region estimated that even before the rise of the coronavirus, 1 in 4 students have visited the mental health office with many of those visits being anxiety-related. 1 in 4. And that's just the students who have reported having anxiety-related issues. How many more are there?

And how many more working-class people are experiencing anxiety from the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus? 

Can we escape the anxiety that is produced by the uncertainty of the times?

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